Large Molecules

  • CMIC Small Molecule services

CMIC is one of the leading large molecule bioanalysis. In the competitive field of drug development where timely go/no-go decisions must be made to bring effective class-leading drugs to market, we have:
- A proven track record of enabling our pharmaceutical client succeed in a timely manner.
- A team of technical experts whose breadth of expertise range from molecular and cellular biology to analytical chemistry; covering key therapeutic areas including oncology, immune-oncology, immunology, and neuroscience.
- Excelled at successfully developing and validating the most demanding and challenging assays within the specified deadlines, where others have given up.

At CMIC, our tool-box for large molecule contains the latest bionalytical tools providing versatility for your programs to take advantage of.

Cell Based Assays

T-cell immunity
B-cell immunity
Antibody release
Cytokine release


Exome & whole genome sequencing
Cell-free DNA biomarkers
Genetic biomarkers
(e.g. CYP mutations)
Gene variation analysis


Biomarker analysis
PK analysis
ADA assays
Enzyme kinetics
Additional assays available

Preclinical and Clinical Bioanalysis

Highly accurate bioanalytical results for non-clinical & clinical projects, both GLP and non-GLP. We streamline your drug development efforts.

Small and Large Molecules

CMIC is focused on supporting drug development for biologics including, Oligonucleotides, Peptides, Proteins, Antibody based therapeutics.

Custom Exploratory Biomarkers

CMIC offers custom exploratory biomarker services for development, validation and sample analysis. Biomarker results are accurate and reliable.

Laboratories in US and Japan

Our state-of-the-art facility, modeled after sister labs in Japan has the capacity to accommodate quick turnaround and high volume projects globally.

Request Information on Fab-selective Limited Proteolysis nSMOL for Mab Analysis by LC-MS/MS